In the beginning…

On Thursday my lovely husband gave me an aquarium as an early birthday gift.  He kindly assembled the cabinet stand and we put it in place, topping it off with the tank.

CLEANING:  I wiped the inside of the tank with a cloth damp with cold tap water, then washed the large bag of gravel.  It was a chore but the results were well worth it.  I used a small plastic cup and scooped gravel into my metal kitchen sieve, dunking it into a big plastic tub to immerse and rinsing a few times under the cold tap.  I plonked the washed, wet gravel straight into the tank.

EQUIPMENT: I set up the filter and attached the heater to the tank.

Friday: we formed a relay duo and filled the tank with water from the cold kitchen tap using cleaned B&Q orange buckets.  I added NUTRAFIN Aqua Plus water conditioner.

Saturday: the external condensation on the tank had cleared and the heater had been immersed overnight to acclimatise to the water temperature.  I switched on the heater and the pump.  I also added a pinch of NUTRAFIN Max Tropical Fish Flakes, having read online about this making a contribution to the production of ammonia in the water.

Sunday: I bought 6 fish: 2 x Platys (a male and a female), 2 x Scissor Tailed Rasboras and 2 x Columbian Tetras.  Fish shop advice was that these were hardy starter fish.  I floated them in the tank for 40 minutes, then unknotted the bag and added a little tank water, then clipped it to the side.  After 15 mins I added a little more water, and so on for an hour. I used a fish net to plop the fish into the tank and poured the bag of water away.  I left the fish unfed for 24 hours.

So far, so good.


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