Lemony Platy with Child(ren)?

I tested the water today and it is the same happy story as before: Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 10ppm, pH 7.4. I bought a mechanical timer for the lighting so that there is a set pattern of about 10-11 hours of light per day.

This picture shows tank buddies Speckled Jim the shrimp hanging upside down on the bogwood with Lemony Snicket one of the female platys swimming by. Her belly is getting bigger and she is fairly transparent in places so I can see darker marks which may indicate some developing young. Watch this space…


2 thoughts on “Lemony Platy with Child(ren)?

  1. Hi, I bought a mechanical 7 day timer made by SMJ UK ltd from Currys for £6.99. It’s the sort with segments to push down to set the number of hours per day. I’ve got mine on 10.5 a day and this is the first so I’ll see tonight if it switches itself off. I had to look up Marimo but the way, I’ve only ever seen them described as moss balls! I’m learning all the time…

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