New Fish Alert!

Hi there, the tank community is slowly growing. Today I added a male and female Golden Dwarf Cichlid, three who-knows-what-sex Sterba’s Corydoras and one big female Bristlenose Catfish. Thanks to my super sister-in-law, I had Maidenhead Aquatics vouchers for my birthday and spent many on my new fish. I added a piece of bogwood from Nancy* the Bristlenose’s tank and three little terracotta flower pots from a garden centre.

All fish seem happy and alert and the Platy ladies still look full-bellied and pregnant so I’m glad not to have missed any action. Randy has been trying to get some action but hasn’t had any joy this evening. The Scissors are shoaling nicely and George and Speckled Jim are as elusive as usual.

The picture shows the mighty mouth of Nancy, a couple of Corys and the male Cichlid.

*Final fish thought: does everyone name their fish, even if they don’t mention this on fish forums or websites?


8 thoughts on “New Fish Alert!

  1. I don’t name my fish but I did name my two African Clawed Frogs. One is Frogger and the other Froggy (Yeah, I know not very unique). But a few years ago one of them jumped tank and died. So I no longer know which one is left (Frogger or Froggy?).

  2. I sometimes name my fish. It depends if I can tell them apart and how attached I am. I have a school of rummy noses, so I don’t name them but I have neon blue dwarf gourami that I’m thinking of naming.

    • Yeah, go on, name them! I haven’t named my five scissor tail rasboras as I can’t tell them apart unless they are all together and wait patiently for me to look at them all…this doesn’t actually happen so they are just ‘scissors’ to me.

  3. Thanks very much! They are great so far with each fish type behaving in a different way to the others. The corys are funny, spending a lot of time in the bubbles and chasing each other around. They come and see me when I come near the tank too. I’m glad you managed to find a name for your cat at least!

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