Corys are Fun

Well I’ve tried to take a decent picture of the three Corys but they are toying with me! They play together most of the time and flit in and out of the water flow bubbles. Sometimes one will wander off and then regroup quickly with the other two. They are funny, wriggly fish and don’t mind bumping into one another or overlapping when they settle somewhere. At times they group together and seem to sit on the gravel and stay really still….until I point the camera. You can see a couple of them on the left but I’m still working on a clear picture.


4 thoughts on “Corys are Fun

    • Hi, I can tell with the livebearers like Platys; male has a pointy shaped anal fin and females is more fan shaped. It is pretty obvious when you start looking at a tank full of them! With my bristlenose catfish I can tell as she hasn’t developed the long bristles on her nose that the males display. The other fish, who knows!

  1. I loved my Corys when I had some. I had a group of three and they were the most interesting fish in the tank to watch. Hmmm, an all Cory tank would pretty neat.

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