Phantom Pregnancies, Water Changing & New Fish

I was convinced my three female platys were pregnant, as Randy had chased them around a lot waggling his pointy fin. Plus they all grew bigger bellies. There hasn’t been any sign of fry so perhaps I am mistaken, maybe Randy hasn’t actually caught up with any of the ladies…maybe the girls eat a lot…maybe the fry have already popped out and been eaten?? But Lemony, Netty and Minnie do still have big bellies. The pic shows Minnie, Lemony and Randy.

I did a water change yesterday using water from the cold tap in a couple of buckets, with added boiling water from the kettle. I tested the temperature with a glass thermometer and it was the same as the tank water. I added Aqua Plus to remove the chlorine of course before adding to the tank. I’ll do it that way again as it was better than leaving a couple of buckets of water under the dining table overnight to get up to room temperature – an accident waiting to happen as I am very clumsy! I wiped the sides of the tank with a sponge and trimmed a couple of leaves from the plants that were covered in hairy algae. I think this might be growing as we have had a rare bit of English sun which falls on the tank. No brit sunshine any more so hopefully the algae will reduce.

Lastly, I’m planning a trip to the fish shop this weekend. More fish! More fish! More fish!


2 thoughts on “Phantom Pregnancies, Water Changing & New Fish

  1. Looks like a very pregnant Platy to me.
    I like having little pond snails in my tank to graze the algae off of my plants. If I get too many snails I just pop a few of them against the glass and the fish munch them. In my tanks without a good population of snails the plants get coated with algae. Don’t be afraid to have snails!

    • Thanks for your wise words! That sounds like great advice about the snails. I read a lot about people having a snail infestation and worrying a lot about this. You’ve given me the confidence to snail up the tank. I did say “eeew” out loud about your snail squishing technique, but why not, I do that to garden snails and the birds eat them!!

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