Double Trouble

Nancy and Rene the Bristlenose buddies seem very happy together.  They flutter about the tank after each other and have even found a nook each in the bogwood.  Nancy has become a lot more outgoing since Rene’s arrival so we see a lot more of her.



I managed to catch the two female Bettas together which shows off some colour.  I haven’t made any moves towards finding them a gentleman friend yet.


I also got a good snap of Mr and Mrs C together and will polish off this post with pics of super fish and a splay of bristles – ta-daaa!






8 thoughts on “Double Trouble

    • Hi, thanks for that comment, I do need to be careful of that as the community is getting along very nicely at e moment, just how I like it. Do you think it would work with a male addition if I got another female or two as well? If not, I’ll just stick with females. Thanks.

      • As far as Betta’s go, it is usually considered best to keep males alone and females with females. A male and female together may work but I wouldn’t risk it. One of them will probably come out injured or worse.

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