Help! Rene the Bristlenose Has Blisters!

Poor Rene the Bristlenose catfish has what look like skin blisters of varying sizes (1-3mm) one or two on each side lower down under his fins. His abdomen also looks bloated. I have done a water change today as the main advice I read online is to do this. I think he may be sensitive to the anti-bacterial drops I’ve been putting in the tank for the last 4 days (5 day treatment period). If this is the case, I am hoping the lumps will heal when I stop the treatment. I’ve been adding Waterlife brand Myxazin which contains Formaldehyde 0.12% w/w, Malachite Green 0.085% and Acriflavine Hydrochloride 0.055% w/w. I have used the full recommended dose for the small tank with 4 x Sparkling Gouramis, and HALF the dose for the main 200L tank as I know the Bristlenoses, Corys and Suckermouth may be sensitive to the stuff.

Any words of advice would be appreciated. Should I dose the tank tomorrow with the last day of treatment or skip this to see if Rene recovers? I’ve found it difficult to find information online on this specific problem. These fish get a bloated abdomen when they are experiencing kidney failure but I’m hoping it’s not that bad and why the bubble blisters?!?

I have posted a photo of Rene, one blister shows as a light grey blur. I’ll add better photos.


4 thoughts on “Help! Rene the Bristlenose Has Blisters!

  1. I’m having a hard time seeing the “blisters”, so I can’t really say much about that yet. Have you put salt in the tank, the aquarium salt packages don’t tell that scaleless fish are sensetive to salt. They are probably more sensative to chemicals as well so it could be the medication. How long have you been using it and what are you treating?

    • Hi, I’ve never added salt. I’ve added half a dose of the meds for 4 days now. It was recommended by the LFS as I noticed symptoms on one of the four sparkling gouramis: it’s tail and one fin looked a bit ragged and it had a couple of tiny cotton like lumps on it. It has had the full dose in a separate tank and is looking much better. Just been reading more forums-someone had similar symptoms on a bristlenose that just cleared up, another had blisters and bloat on their Cory and said it was down to overeating. I’ll post some better pics tomorrow and thanks as always for your kind help.

    • Thanks for your help, its good to hear that he is a hardy fish as it gives me survival hope. I haven’t noticed any bullying of him as he usually hides away. Perhaps the Dwarf Cichlids when they were breeding recently? I’ll keep watching.

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