Dwarf Cichlid’s New Eggs

Nice tank news! Mrs C (dwarf cichlid, apistogramma borelli) is keeping watch over a batch of eggs on the rock. She seems to have her dark brown and orange prominent markings on all the time at the moment. I looked for eggs as she doesn’t leave the planted rock very much apart from occasionally chasing Mr C around even though he is staying away from her. The first eggs I noticed a while ago were on the leaf of the rock plant so this is definitely Mr & Mrs C territory. I tried to capture an egg picture so you can just about see the white specks to the left…



6 thoughts on “Dwarf Cichlid’s New Eggs

  1. I love the way you keep track of each fish!! At my gym, an AC environment, there is an indoor shallow pool where they keep trying to breed fish….not a green in sight. I keep telling them that they must introduce some plants to create a positive habitat….but no result. The fish die and I feel really sad.

    • Hi, sorry for the delay, your message was sent to ‘spam’ for some reason! Thanks for your comment and how sad that they don’t take notice of your advice. I think you are right, what fish wouldn’t be happy amongst plants?!

  2. Love your cichlids and enyoy reading your updates on their behaviour. I`ve been wishing for an A. Borelli pair for some time now.

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