Bubblenest Number 6 and an Egg-Filled Shrimp

Big Boi has a new nest…looking back I make it number 6! There’s no sign of anything but his bubbles but still I know he is happy enough to keep building.

I noticed one of the three algae-eating shrimps has a belly full of what looks like many tiny eggs. I read that they can carry their eggs for about 5 weeks before larvae hatch but I imagine they would be far too tiny for me to see. They need phytoplankton to feed on which would probably be present in a mature tank. My tank is never short of algae. I am not going to try putting the shrimp in a breeding tank; as usual I will let aquarium nature take its course.





5 thoughts on “Bubblenest Number 6 and an Egg-Filled Shrimp

    • Hi, I am not sure of the type, I just bought them described by the LFS as ‘algae-eating shrimp’. They look like Amano shrimp to me from internet pics. I read about having to use a breeding tank with saltwater, do you think I should give it a go?!

      • I guess that depends on whether you think you can spare the time and if you think the experience will be worth any hassles which may occur. Regardless of what you choose, happy fish-keeping!

    • Hi, thanks, yes they seem quite healthy and happy chaps. I haven’t seen any pestering of the shrimps at all. I didn’t know that was a problem with them together but they do all have a lot of hiding places!

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