Goodbye Frogs, Hello Platy Monster Poops!

As I suggested in my last post, the frogs had to go and the LFS took them back with no problem. They told me that the dwarf variety was hard to come by but I would buy some if I come across them in the future.

I cleaned the tank today and did a good water change. I’m finding myself to be more confident about the state of the tank and the inhabitants and don’t obsessively water test any more. I always do a hearty water change each week and all is as it should be.

The platys, particularly Minnie, have impressed me with their awesome pooping ability…they must be trying to cheer me up after taking the frogs back. Look at the size of that…it looks like a couple of long dashes as it has a clearer part in the middle…morse code?…..too much information??!!!




African Clawed Frogs – Not Dwarves but Fish-Eaters!

Reading up on my new lovely frogs, I now realise they are NOT the dwarf variety that will happily live amongst a community fish tank. They do not have the webbed front feet that the dwarf variety should have so these beauties will eat my fish as soon as their mouths are big enough to cram them in. They have no teeth or tongue but just push food in with their front feet! I saw this in action tonight with a blood worm feast.

I only have a small spare tank that I use as an emergency/hospital tank and it’s really not big enough for them. I made it clear to the man running the shop that I would be adding them to my fish community and I described them (incorrectly) as the dwarf variety but he didn’t correct me. It is a lesson to me to properly research any potential new additions to the family as those who sell fish do not always know anything about them. Sadly, I think they may have to go back to the LFS….


Frog Friends and a Dead Snail

The apple snail is no more. I netted it from the aquarium as it hadn’t moved for ages and sure enough, the protective disc at the shell opening was gone and the body looked mushy. The real clue to the state of the snail was the awful rotting snail smell. What a stench. I’m glad I fished it out.

The two frogs have survived the night. I fed them blood worms today and placed some right next to each frog but I didn’t see them eat any. They had plenty of opportunity to eat before the fish cleared the lot.

They managed to find each other this evening and had a chat about their new home. I really hope they eat something tomorrow or perhaps they are finding food at the bottom of the tank?








Albino Dwarf African Clawed Frogs

We bought four shibunkins for the outdoor pond today. We were hoping to keep it without fish to give frogs a chance but the mosquito larvae made the decision. Hopefully they are now plump, happy fish.

I just happened to spot a little frog in the tropical fish section so of course came home with two albino dwarf African clawed frogs. One is bravely exploring the tank and the other has very slowly moved around the large plant. If fish swim past it seems to play dead. Big Boi the dwarf gourami male sucked in one the poor frogs feet but soon spat it out again and was promptly scared by the froggy movement.

I have a lid on the aquarium but these frogs can apparently escape from uncovered tanks; there are plenty of anecdotes online about dehydrated frogs found around the house! The LFS recommended blood worms as food and I have frozen cubes of it in the freezer. As the fish are so greedy, I’ll have to ensure the frogs get some food but the fish left a lot of blood worms for me to clear up when I last tried this food. I’ll put some worms in tomorrow and see what happens. Wish me luck!