Goodbye Frogs, Hello Platy Monster Poops!

As I suggested in my last post, the frogs had to go and the LFS took them back with no problem. They told me that the dwarf variety was hard to come by but I would buy some if I come across them in the future.

I cleaned the tank today and did a good water change. I’m finding myself to be more confident about the state of the tank and the inhabitants and don’t obsessively water test any more. I always do a hearty water change each week and all is as it should be.

The platys, particularly Minnie, have impressed me with their awesome pooping ability…they must be trying to cheer me up after taking the frogs back. Look at the size of that…it looks like a couple of long dashes as it has a clearer part in the middle…morse code?…..too much information??!!!




5 thoughts on “Goodbye Frogs, Hello Platy Monster Poops!

  1. Here’s something you might find interesting (I recommend Diana Walstad’s book as well):

    With a properly set up Walstad type tank you don’t have to do water changes, you just have to top the tank up. I didn’t do water changes on mine for months at a time, and when I would test there were no problems. The only con to this method is that you can’t have as many fish in the tank. But I highly recommend doing some research on it, look up Diana Walstad, el natural aquariums, and walstad type aquariums.

    Have fun!

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