Happy World Rat Day!

Happy World Rat Day 2013 everyone! I know, this is my fish blog but I am a rat fan and used to keep them. Sadly, I am more allergic to rats than pretty much anything else so decided to stop keeping them. My husband really missed them so started being a rat keeper himself. This way I don’t have to wheeze and sneeze cleaning the giant cage and doing other rattie related things. I tend to get involved if they need some TLC, cleaning, wound washing, medicining. Then I reach for my inhaler! šŸ˜· Great fun but fish don’t make me wheeze. Go fish!

The photos below are of our ratties past and present. We’ve only ever had two male rats, Beagrie and Boris, the rest have all been good girls. One of the photos shows Boris flaunting himself so those of a sensitive disposition beware!!



10 thoughts on “Happy World Rat Day!

      • A friend had them in high school so I grew quite fond of them and their personalities. We enjoy looking at them at our local Petco when we stop by.

        I’m more creep-ed out by the ones in the trees and garden. Our cat brought in live ones and let them loose in the house. It took a long time to corner the poor, terrified critter so we could show him/her the door.

      • I must admit that the idea of wild rats lurking in the trees sounds a bit creepy (yes, they would definitely be ‘lurking’!) I had a cat when I was a teenager and he used to drop rodent heads at my feet – easier to catch than your live rats but at least you can feel virtuous about rescuing them! We have had mice in the garden and have even watched them climb the cherry tree and get to the bird feeders but we haven’t seen them for a couple of years now. We are always conscious of not making them feel so welcome that they come into the garage and house.

      • Our Lindy is a gentle hunter. She brought in one, dead, and left it for my husband under his chair (what a gal).

        We’ve had to evict at least four live rats. We finally wised up and started locking the cat flap at dusk since rats are nocturnal. Not a single one in the house since. Last week, however, neighbor kitty brought in a mouse. The story is in the works.

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