Four New Fish for the African Tank!

We had a trip to Maidenhead Aquatics today primarily to return the light tube unit from the canopy of the new tank (Fluval Roma 200). One of the tubes has been flickering and now doesn’t come on at all. The shop fella tested it and will be ordering a new one tomorrow. In the meantime, the old one is back on top of my tank.

I did a partial water change this morning and tested the water. I was pleased to see the Nitrate level was 10-20 ppm, kH was 6 (so I added a generous scoop of the powdered buffer) and there was no evidence of Ammonia or Nitrite…hooray!

I half filled an old clean mayo jar with tank water to double check my chemistry at the fish shop and was told it was all good and Nitrate was low, kH 7. How could I resist a few more fish while I was there? How I ask you?!!

The new tank mates are 2 x female and 1 x male Zebra Obliquidens Astatotilapia latifasciata and 1 x Cuckoo Catfish Synodontis multipunctatus
. The Zebras are milling around happily with the others and the Catfish has found a cave to hide in.

I am very happy with my fish and I hope you have a happy Sunday everyone! 😀🐠🐟




2 thoughts on “Four New Fish for the African Tank!

  1. Hi Em!

    Thanks for the new fish news – the catfish looks interesting – we saw a man land a huge one on  River Monsters last night and one of the barbs hit his hand and made a large wound and it had big teeth too!  Good job you don’t have that variety!! Hope your little fish survive – it  would be good to have some free ones.

    Hope you’ve had a good day although the weather was wet after a sunny morning.  The wind was blowing so we stayed in, but have eaten lightly! If you went on a fish hunt then the weather didn’t matter.

    Have a good evening – we have watched Endeavour and are now watching L A Confidential as we haven’t seen it for some time. Loadsaluv Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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