Cichlid Tank last!

Hi there, I have been very neglectful of my fish keeping blog but you’ll be pleased to know that I haven’t neglected the fish!

The cichlid tank contains the following:
1 x yellow lab
1 x cuckoo catfish
1 x pleco
1 x yellow peacock
1 x OB peacock
1 x dolphin cichlid
3 x zebras
3 x Taiwan reef
3 x white tailed acei (+6 babies)

This morning I noticed one of the Taiwan Reef fish has had a serious tail attack and the poor thing was quite paled out in colouring and hiding, while the other two were flaunting themselves in full bright colours. Maidenhead Aquatics (at Appley Bridge near Wigan) advised that this may be a lone female being hassled by two males or is perhaps carrying eggs in her mouth so is behaving in a more passive manner and is weaker at the moment. The solution (hopefully) is a new female to join the gang and a long piece of pipe work for the tailless wonder to hide in.

We also bought two others as I couldn’t resist but that’s another tale for another time.

Cross your fish fingers…






2 thoughts on “Cichlid Tank last!

  1. I love your fish! Myself, I have loved my different varieties of fish from the first moment I started to purchase them. Unfortunately, moving from Vancouver Island to Vancouver while leaving them with someone that lacked the time/experience to properly care for them was a little too traumatic for my Balloon Mollys, Pictus catfish, and Loaches. Now that I am settled into my new home, though, I am going to work at getting my little fish community back up again.
    Thank you for sharing your own adventures with your community of fish. 🙂

    • Hello, thanks very much for your nice message. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my fish! I haven’t posted in a while but will do veery soon. Good luck with your new tank when you get it:-)

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