Hello there, I set up my first tropical freshwater aquarium in February 2012 and I’m still learning as I go along.   My start up equipment was:

  • Fluval Roma 200 Litre / 40 Gallon glass aquarium on Fluval stand/cupboard
  • Fluval M200 submersible glass aquarium heater
  • External Aquamanta EFX 200 filter

 I am happy to blog my progress and share information on what works for me, so hopefully you can reap the benefits and so can I thanks to kind reader advice and comments.  Or, just have a look at some pretty fish!  Thanks for reading and following.  Over and out.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hiya there. Nice blog.
    I’ve never had much luck with fish myself. It’s like my family is cursed with never being able to keep fish alive or something. There was this fish that survived an entire autumn (in Minnesota no less) in an outdoor pool but died the next day we took it in. Keeping up with your tank is the closest I can get to fishes without killing them 🙂

  2. Hello there, thanks very much for your comments! What a shame about your pond fish. I am happy for my fish to be your virtual-pets – much easier for you to look after! And no mess!

  3. I have every faith that you will be amazing with your fish, I look forward to reading your progress, and thanks for stopping by my pages as well, looks like we are both on a journey!

    Be amazing

  4. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m looking forward to exploring yours. I LOVE critters and don’t tell anyone, but I talk to my fish in my aquarium all the time.

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