Corys are Fun

Well I’ve tried to take a decent picture of the three Corys but they are toying with me! They play together most of the time and flit in and out of the water flow bubbles. Sometimes one will wander off and then regroup quickly with the other two. They are funny, wriggly fish and don’t mind bumping into one another or overlapping when they settle somewhere. At times they group together and seem to sit on the gravel and stay really still….until I point the camera. You can see a couple of them on the left but I’m still working on a clear picture.


Mysterious Matter!

Hi! I’ve done a 22 Litre water change (200 Litre tank) and the fish are looking particularly happy today…

This evening I am mostly boring my family because I’ve spotted a small patch of mysterious matter on the front of the aquarium (yes, it’s on the inside!). I’ve tried to photograph it against the moss ball so it shows up. It is only a few mm wide and reminds me of a cross-section of a brain. My wise mum says it looks like a jellyfish… What is it??? Bacteria? Mould? Is it fascinating? It is to me!


Fish Swap

My 2 Columbian Tetras were not happy. The larger one was terrorising the smaller by constant chasing and nipping so Zippy (yes, I named it) was showing signs of stress, i.e. hiding, not eating, gasping. Zippy also suffered a nip taking out a piece of fin. So Columbian Tetras can be nippy, can bully and may improve if they are in a greater number (online forum advice). I decided it’s not worth the risk as I want a peaceful hippy community which will probably include guppies and a Siamese Fighting fish. I could envisage some ravaged fins. Today I took the two back to the pet shop and they were reintegrated into a larger colony. I came home with another 2 x female platys and 3 x scissor tailed rasboras. Randy (the only male platy) is VERY happy and the scissors are shoaling nicely. I did my first partial water change (6%) tonight too…