Water Cycle

Today’s water tests show all is well – hooorayyy!
pH test showed 7.6 top of range so did
High Level pH for a more accurate 7.4
Ammonia, 0ppm
Nitrite, 0ppm
Nitrate, 10ppm

The algae has obviously increased since yesterday; maybe it’s time for a new algae-eating fish or two…


Today’s Waterworks Tests…

Hi there, I’ve tested my water chemistry today with the following results:
Ammonia, 0ppm
Nitrite, 0ppm
Nitrate, 5/10ppm (shown in pic)
pH, 7.6 – at the top of the scale so I refined the result with…
High Level pH Test, 7.4

I still haven’t seen any big spikes in Ammonia and haven’t detected any Nitrite at all, but Nitrate is present which is good. The fish are alive and looking very spry today!