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Fish Swap

My 2 Columbian Tetras were not happy. The larger one was terrorising the smaller by constant chasing and nipping so Zippy (yes, I named it) was showing signs of stress, i.e. hiding, not eating, gasping. Zippy also suffered a nip taking out a piece of fin. So Columbian Tetras can be nippy, can bully and may improve if they are in a greater number (online forum advice). I decided it’s not worth the risk as I want a peaceful hippy community which will probably include guppies and a Siamese Fighting fish. I could envisage some ravaged fins. Today I took the two back to the pet shop and they were reintegrated into a larger colony. I came home with another 2 x female platys and 3 x scissor tailed rasboras. Randy (the only male platy) is VERY happy and the scissors are shoaling nicely. I did my first partial water change (6%) tonight too…