George Sucks!

George the dwarf suckermouth catfish and Speckled Jim the shrimp are still alive today! George has been confidently swimming from leaf to leaf and Jim has scurried about, hung upside down from a plant and has made a home in the end of the bogwood log. Busy.

I used a magnetic algae cleaner on the tank today and it looks a lot better; there is plenty of algae on the plants for those who want to eat it and I have bought a pellet food for them too, so they won’t starve. All is well in aquarium world.


Mysterious Matter!

Hi! I’ve done a 22 Litre water change (200 Litre tank) and the fish are looking particularly happy today…

This evening I am mostly boring my family because I’ve spotted a small patch of mysterious matter on the front of the aquarium (yes, it’s on the inside!). I’ve tried to photograph it against the moss ball so it shows up. It is only a few mm wide and reminds me of a cross-section of a brain. My wise mum says it looks like a jellyfish… What is it??? Bacteria? Mould? Is it fascinating? It is to me!


Today’s Waterworks Tests…

Hi there, I’ve tested my water chemistry today with the following results:
Ammonia, 0ppm
Nitrite, 0ppm
Nitrate, 5/10ppm (shown in pic)
pH, 7.6 – at the top of the scale so I refined the result with…
High Level pH Test, 7.4

I still haven’t seen any big spikes in Ammonia and haven’t detected any Nitrite at all, but Nitrate is present which is good. The fish are alive and looking very spry today!


Sexing Platys: Randy Proves He’s a Boy

Randy, my one male Platy is so happy with his three female companions. The pic shows how easy it is to tell that he is male (all livebearers exhibit sexual dimorphism, i.e. external physical signs of being male or female). Look at that gonopodium!* I’ve seen Randy waving this around when he’s chasing one of his ladies. Bendy!

*The gonopodium is a modified anal fin which is used to fertilize eggs. In the male the anal fin is rod shaped, while the female has a traditional fan shaped anal fin. That’s fish-fact!!!