African Clawed Frogs – Not Dwarves but Fish-Eaters!

Reading up on my new lovely frogs, I now realise they are NOT the dwarf variety that will happily live amongst a community fish tank. They do not have the webbed front feet that the dwarf variety should have so these beauties will eat my fish as soon as their mouths are big enough to cram them in. They have no teeth or tongue but just push food in with their front feet! I saw this in action tonight with a blood worm feast.

I only have a small spare tank that I use as an emergency/hospital tank and it’s really not big enough for them. I made it clear to the man running the shop that I would be adding them to my fish community and I described them (incorrectly) as the dwarf variety but he didn’t correct me. It is a lesson to me to properly research any potential new additions to the family as those who sell fish do not always know anything about them. Sadly, I think they may have to go back to the LFS….


9 thoughts on “African Clawed Frogs – Not Dwarves but Fish-Eaters!

  1. Definitely take them back to you LFS. As you already mentioned in your post as soon as they are big enough they will start eating your fish. I once saw a picture of one eating a pretty good sized goldfish, they have no qualms about eating something almost as big as them.

    • Thanks so much for your advice, I know you have kept frogs so your experience is valuable. I took them both back to the LFS today with no problems. It was sad to do so as I really liked them but my fish are important to me and I don’t want to just wait until they start getting eaten! I can’t afford the 90 litre tank they deserve so off they went.

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